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Series co-ordinator IN Competition run by Ian & Myra Newton, continues to bring The Aprilia Challenge to Thundersport GB for the 7th year running, although it has to revealed they've actually had full charge of Superteens since the mid nineties at MRO & BSB, before bringing the series to Thundersport GB in 2008.


Many thanks to: Aprilia UK, Dunlop Tyres, Scott & Stinson Engineering, Nitro Motorcycle Safety Wear, Lexham Insurance, Black Horse, Bridgestone Tyres & Fuchs Silkolene Oils, all for their long standing and generous sponsorship that avails both support and TV Coverage for both The Aprilia Superteen Challenge AND The Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge, which will be extended to a 90 minute show for 2014 on MotorsTV AND the Thundersport & Aprilia i-players. In fact, Thundersport GB fans can look forward to 45 hours of racing action from the series over the course of the season!


Both Aprilia championships still dish up simply the best motorcycle racing to be witnessed anywhere in the world, automatically creating a steep learning curve and a high profile youth development opportunity for the youngsters to get noticed, gain their own sponsorship, begin their careers and live out their dreams.


Most world championship Brits (and some other nationalities) cut their teeth in Aprilia Superteens and now with what has become the natural transgressional step onto an Aprilia RRV450GP machine before venturing forth to bigger machinery, there


has never been a better time to start racing with such a bonafide platform available to plan their motorcycle racing route.


Ian (a very successful rider in his own right) has his IN Competition 'Aprilia' truck at every round, so there is plenty of advice and indeed spares on hand to help you in your plight to stay on track and get the best possible value-for-money racing right from the tender age of 12 yrs!


Thundersport GB Director & Marketing Exec Syd Richard-Day says:

"The Aprilia Challenge has been one of Thundersport GB's major flagships & we are proud to field what is STILL even after all these years, the most successful one make series in the world. We are firmly committed to bring our young talent to the fore in the UK and I have to say it feels every bit as inspirational now as it always has done..."



IMAGE Ben Luxton
IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP Champion  
IMAGE Daniel Booth
  Aprilia Superteen Nitro Newcomer Champion  
IMAGE Rory Skinner
 Dunlop Aprilia Superteen Champion  
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IMAGE IN Competition, Thundersport GB & The Aprilia Challenge
: Series co-ordinator IN Competition run by Ian & Myra Newton, continues to bring The Aprilia Challenge to Thundersport GB for the 7th year... Read More...
: Benjamin Gautrey Foundation teams up with Thundersport GB, IN Competition and Donington Park Racing to stage an 'Academy Day' for all Aprilia... Read More...

Aprilia i-player



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IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP

IN Competition Dunlop Superteens

Bridgestone GP2-Supertwins
 Brands Hatch 2014


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IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP

Dunlop Aprilia Superteens

Donington Park 2013
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IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP

IN Competition Dunlop Superteens

Bridgestone GP2-Supertwins
 Donington Park GP 2014




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