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Thundersport GP3 Superteens


Class Description:-


A class for Junior riders from 12 - 19 years of age competing on any production based machine with a 12 or 13 year old novice permission.

This includes all Aprilia RS125 production machines, KTM RC390, Kawasaki 250 or 300 Ninja, Yamaha 3, Cagiva Mito 125, Yamaha TZR125, Suzuki Inazuma 250, Metrakit 80 (on treaded tyres), Aprilia RRV450R 4-stroke machine (specifically as restricted to 32bhp by IN Competition which will retain a sealed ECU and throttle body restrictors as fitted by IN Competition) and any other machine not yet produced that is eligible for a novice to ride at 13yrs old under ACU regulations.

 Aprilia RRV450RAprilia Superteen









Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge


Class Description:-


The RRV450GP class is for the Aprilia RRV450GP as supplied by IN Competition. Dunlop control tyres in both wet and dry patterns (control tyres apply to Aprilia RRV450GP Cup class only) and series decals must be adhered to. The Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge is the ONLY class in the UK specifically designed for young riders to take a progressive step towards riding larger 4-stroke machinery in a controlled environment. The jump from a 32bhp Aprilia Superteen machine to a 120bhp 600cc Superstock/Supersport bike has become an unreasonably large one and these beautiful little 64bhp sportsbikes fit very neatly into that gap.
It isn't just restricted to young riders though, many older riders have been looking for a class to fill the void left by the old Aprilia RS250 Challenge. The beauty of this class is that it provides close racing on a level playing field but without the huge tyre bills sometimes associated with Supersport and Superstock machinery. The new Dunlop Alpha 13SP control tyres utilised are subsidised, long lasting and extremely grippy which is a winning combination whichever way you look at it.

PLUS: Middleweight machines based on production bikes in the following capacities:
800cc 1 cylinder, 650cc 2 cylinder and 550cc 3 cylinder 4-stroke machines plus up to 400cc 2-stroke production based machines. The frame, engine and swing-arm must come from the same homologated model but all other modifications are allowed. Road Legal Treaded Tyres or Full Wets are permitted.


 Aprilia RRV450GP  






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