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Starting with the Cadwell Park event, there will be a change of format with regard to podium celebration/presentation on the first raceday of the weekend (Sunday at Cadwell).


Instead of the usual trophy presentations at the end of the day in the bar, there will be a 'Parc Ferme' type presentation and podium celebration to somewhat replicate the proceedings everyone has become used to on TV Day (raceday 2), albeit a much faster affair due to not having to wait for TV camera crews returning from the grid of the following races to your own.


The reasons for this change are many and what follows is just a few of them:


Thundersport GB wishes to continually move forward and has not only outgrown the previous format scenario, but also wishes all it's racing activities to be completely distanced from the presence of alcohol, which is especially poignant to our younger competitors - I guess we would always gravitate away from it at some point, a bit like we all have with other stuff that felt perfectly normal several years back, but now socially unacceptable like:

Drinking & driving - not wearing a crash helmet (me at 16!) - not wearing seatbelts - eating a Mars Bar when driving - smoking in public places and so on...



In addition, Thundersport GB has become acutely aware that it is not to everyone's convenience to attend evening presentations, with bikes to mend/maintain, tyres to get changed, meals to cook and cleared away etc. Then trying to get a reasonably early night ready for the affray of race day 2.


This provides the dual bonus of extra podium exposure via spectators and photography for our series sponsors whom I must remind you pick up the tab for the ever increasingly expensive TV/i-player coverage providing help for our riders to in turn gain their OWN sponsorship deals.



So as normal, for practice, qualifying and warm-ups, machines may 'melt away' into the paddock following their sessions (unless otherwise intructed by marshals and officials). But as riders come in from ALL RACES, they will be ushered to the Parc Ferme/Podium Celebration area.


Non attendance is specifically at odds with the Thundersport GB sporting ethos, NOT an option in our eyes and thus could result in exclusion from the results of that race (unless you are racing 'back to back' in another class specifically by arrangement).



Could I remind everyone that there is NO electricity provision at Cadwell Park, so it is essential to bring facility to provide for your own power requirements. Could I also remind everyone that generators MUST be switched off strictly by 11pm each evening, unless they are of the 'run silent' category.


Above all and as normal, it is our desire for you all to have a safe and successful event - See you there!


Thundersport Syd x


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