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"How was Anglesey Syd?" My neighbour asked...


How does stunning scenery, wall to wall sun with a refreshing breeze, two new ThundersportGB champions, 12 lap records broken and £4,650 in cash prize money taken away grab you?

(kinda speaks for itself really doesn't it?)


The racing was simply awesome right from the very start and self belief came upon many riders who had previously begun to doubt their own talent. My heart especially has to go out to Joe Thompson in Aprilia Superteens, who whilst leading a race on his way to what looked like his maiden victory, suffered a touch of HPS (High Pressure Syndrome) on his last lap and ran wide onto the grass, he stayed aboard and brought it home though... Great ride Joe, a win is most certainly due for you, don't give up on it!


Meantime, championship leader Zak Corderoy's return to form makes him favourite to take the 2013 honours, but it aint over 'til it's over and 'Pocket Rocket' Nitro Newcomer Charlie Nesbit narrowly missed beating Zak in one race by only a 0.069 sec margin. Pint sized missile Charlie again won all four of the weekend's Nitro Newcomer races.


Congratulations to 2013 IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge Champion David Allingham and to 2013 Stewart Events Thundersport500 Seniors Champion Rob Mawby.


Congratulations also, to Adam Shelton, who once again won The Bike Insurer £500 cash lap record bonus, for breaking the Thundersport500 record by a phenomenal 1.929 seconds.













Congratulations to Brad Perie and Myles Wasley who consecutively each won the 'J&RB Racing Rider Of The Day' awards, chosen by our hard working marshals.


Congratulations again to John Ingram, who won the Demon-Tweeks.co.uk Moto Super Prix of Wales, taking £1,500 in cash prize money in the process.


Full Demon-Tweeks.co.uk Moto Super Prix of Wales cash prize money result:

1st John Ingram  £1500

2nd Jesse Trayler  £750

3rd  Peter Baker  £500

4th  Jamie Harris  £400

5th Barry Teasdale  £300

6th  Phil Crowe  £200

7th  Danny Murphy  £100

8th  John Fisher  £60

9th  Richard McNeill  £60

10th  Neil Watson  £60

11th  James Shaw  £60

12th  Donald MacFadyen £60


We're working real hard right now to turn out the TV footage and I for one cannot wait to re-live all the action once more, but from multiple angles on MotorsTV and the thundersport i-player.



Steve Day on David Allingham:


Irish rider David Allingham became the first Thundersport GB Champion of 2013 at Anglesey this weekend after clinching the Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge.


Entering the round with a 204 point lead with 300 remaining, David simply needed to finish ahead of Ross Twyman in the final race of the meeting and score three more points than his title rival to claim the goods.


In a controlled manner, Allingham looked under no real pressure during the race itself and having fought off challenges from Louis Dawson and Ben Luxton in the early stages.


David picked up win number 14 of the season to become the first Irishman to win an Aprilia based championship, since Marshall Neill lifted the Aprilia Mille Challenge crowns in both 2001 AND 2002. Ironically, Neill was sponsored by the same person as 'D Bomb Allingham'! Ex competitor of his and father of David, Eddie Allingham. Funny how history has a habit of repeating itself...


Having started out as a rookie in the Aprilia Superteen class in 2011, he picked up his first podium at Cadwell Park before going on to win his first race at Brands Hatch a couple of months later.


As the 2011 season came to an end, David’s height was costing him dearly on the little RS125 and before finishing the year in seventh overall and second in the Nitro Newcomers championship behind Joe Francis, Allingham was already testing the 450 in preparation for 2012.

It was immediately noticeable that his size and style suited the nimble Aprilia RRV450GP and as the 2012 season kicked off, David made a clear statement of his intentions with three podiums in the opener at Brands Hatch including a win, leaving round one as championship leader overall.


Over the next few rounds, David fought to collect another six podiums but had lost his lead to Callan Cooper. Then at Snetterton, David picked up a nasty broken bone injury that would all but end any chances he had of fighting for the title.


He returned to form at the penultimate round of the 2012 season at Cadwell Park with a couple of wins but Cooper had won it by then and David was forced to settle for fifth overall.


Moving into 2013, David and his father Edward perhaps made the best decision of his young career so far. With a number of riders flooding through the gates at BSB, the Irishman still felt he had unfinished business to attend to and it was soon announced that Allingham would be competing in the Aprilia 450’s again for 2013.

Despite starting the season with the pressure of new sponsor ‘B-Mor’ and carrying a broken collarbone injury from two weeks previous, Allingham got his season off to a decent start with four podiums and a win at Brands Hatch and by the end of round two at Donington, he was just 8pts behind Twyman overall.


Over the next three rounds however, David 'bombed' the class with all of his ammo and despite the fact that most races were covered by the smallest of margins, the 18-year-old Irishman won 10 of the next 11 races at Snetterton, Cadwell and Oulton to deliver a killer blow.


By now, David was enjoying some fierce battles with the 2012 Superteen Champion Lewis Rollo but with the young Scotsman not threatening him in the championship, Allingham just needed to stay upright to be in with a chance of collecting the title in North Wales.


And so we arrived at Anglesey and despite some amazing front end battles with no less than seven riders, the Irishman claimed the crown that he deserved.

In what is without doubt the closest multiply fought championship amongst the ThundersportGB classes, it seems bizarre to have a champion with two rounds still remaining but in this game, consistency is the key and David has not only won more races than any of his rivals, but as it stands, he’s also the only rider to have finished EVERY SINGLE RACE…. A fifth place at Donington Park stands as his worst result.


A force to be reckoned with on circuit and a true gentleman off it, you might just want to keep an eye on the progress of this lad.


Ireland, Aprilia and IN Competition has once again produced an outstanding talent.


Checkout the results sheets of BSB Cadwell Park on the same weekend as our Anglesey...

Most of the top spots went to ex Aprilia Superteen & RRV450GP riders - 'Happy Days' (as Newt would say!)


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