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Andrew Boyle:

"I would just like to say that the Thundersport paddock is the best and friendliest paddock bar none and this year my faith in human nature has been restored to the full, Thundersport GB is known as 'The Home Of Sportsman Racing' and here is why.


As newcomers in Superteens, we have over this season met and become friends with so may people who have willingly offered the hand of true sportsmanship, that it's difficult to name them all. But yet another generosity story developed at the Thundersport GB only this last weekend, which typifies our experiences and I really felt I needed to share it with you.


We were inviting a potential sponsor to the Mallory round and Thundersport GB's Bernadette very kindly arranged to supply me with some extra tickets to help toward that end. Everything was falling into place and our guests arrived to watch us fight for our place in both the newcomer and main Superteen championship. In the main championship Jordan was tied on points with Joe Thompson and thanks to the generosity of Ian Newton we had been loaned adjustable rear suspension for our bike with which hoped to keep up with Joe’s current run of form. However, when qualifying came round our bike snagged a piston ring and we couldn’t set a lap time. With minimal spares and limited budget, we faced little option but to have Jordan sit out the races and surrender his championship positions without battle.


I felt so gutted for Jordan and so I reluctantly and tentatively approached the father our very championship rival, John Thompson. to ask him the impossible question, “I know we’re tied on points in the championship, but could I borrow your spare bike please?!!!”



In what I can only say is the most generous and sportsman like gesture he readily agreed that Jordan should be on the grid and that he would happily lend his machine to us with the proviso that should we catch Joe, we should think twice about passing him! John needn’t have worried, Joe’s run of form continued and he rode away from Jordan in the race and the championship, well done Joe!



This is only one incident out of many that I could list where fellow competitors have looked past the racing rivalry and acted in such a way that helps not only another rider or team but the  whole sport itself and that is why your paddock is simply the best………."



Joe Thompson - Generous loan of his spare bike...


Organisers and fellow competitors that have helped us way beyond the call of duty:

Dave & Bernadette Stewart, Thundersport Syd & Jan, Ian Newton, Mark Thompson, Kirk Dennis, Vernon Masters, Neil Burnett and of course as from above... John Thompson, many many thanks to you all!


Andrew Boyle

Jordan Boyle #37


Other acts of kindness over the Mallory Park weekend include...

A little footnote from Louis Dawson:

"Well another unlucky race day, bike blew up in first qualifying which put me in 16th in the minitwins, then 10th in the 450's, borrowed Alex Baker's spare bike and managed 6th in the minitwin's, and two 5th's in 450's. Major thankyou to my mum & dad, Andy Baldwin and I couldn't have done it without Alex & Stuart Baker! Shame I wasn't on the podium this time but double points and good battles with mainly Will Hodgson"







Also... From Adam Shelton:

"Still can't believe my dad John + the rest of the team got the bike from CATEGORY A/B write-off to race winning/lap record-capable in just 1hr 30mins!! Even needed re-wiring!! Many thanks again to my 2nd nearest rival Matt Shillings + co for the loan of your parts + Fiveways Motorcycles/RST/AGV for some top kit! Needless to say I'm a bit sore today haha!!"

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