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Pre-Race Training -Track Assessments & Pre-season Testing


Back in 1998, I started a system of requiring any newcomer who wished to race in any of my championships, to undergo some basic pre-race training.  I did so because I was 100% convinced that many accidents and incidents involving novice racers were avoidable if the correct information was given and understood at an early stage.


Now for the 2014 season the ACU have finally made it mandatory for all newcomers to Road-Racing to undergo some simple safety training and on track assessment work prior to the issue of their first licence too.


Any new rider looking around might think that this would inevitably involve significant expense, on top of the other costs of going racing. However, the safety benefits for all concerned far outweigh any short term financial considerations and riders are able to obtain valuable information that saves them money in the long run.


We do recognise that such training needs to be affordable and must not present a potential barrier to getting started. We work very hard to ensure that this is not the case.

In conjunction with some of our key sponsors such as The Bike Insurer, IN Competition, Stewart Events, Donington Park Racing and TMG Group, we build up an annual budget which enables us to put in significant subsidies to all of our pre-race training programmes.


For 2014, not only have we managed to crush the price down to an incredible £69 for both classroom based CTC course and on track ACU assessment combined, but we have four individual courses running on two different dates at the magnificent Donington Park Circuit.


These first two dates both take place prior to our season getting underway and more dates will follow over the course of the season. Tuesday 11th February is a full 108 DBa day on the Donington Park National Circuit with CTC Courses taking place on both Monday Evening (10th Feb) and on Tuesday morning of the event day. Track Assessments and general testing take place throughout the day and there is even a last chance remedial session at the end of the day to ensure that everyone has the best possible chance of completing the course successfully.


Sunday 23rd February follows exactly the same format, with the option of taking the theory part of the course on the Saturday evening. Due to local planning restrictions the 23rd February has a 98DBa noise limit on all machines and is therefore only suitable for categories that can comply with that limit.


Both days will also include General Testing groups, which are also priced at just £69 for the day. Full Thundersport GB technical assistance will also be available on both days and we are also pleased to welcome riders and officials from EMRA, Derby Phoenix, CRMC and the VMCC to both days – all of whom will be able to advise you on their seasons ahead too.


There is no requirement for any participant to join Thundersport GB or any other organisation listed.

Anyone interested in motorcycle racing will be made extremely welcome.

Dave Stewart

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