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After 6 very happy and extremely successful years at our Mallory Park HQ, we are now moving to new premises right on the doorstep of Donington Park. This is purely a logistical move, as for the past 3 seasons we have been running more events at Donington Park than at any other venue and we needed a little more space to cater for our ever growing business.

We do of course remain 100% supportive of Mallory Park and we are confident that the new operators will do a superb job of renewing the fortunes of that fabulous and historically important venue. We look forward very much to concluding our 2014 Championship at Mallory Park in October and bringing the inaugural season under Real Motorsport Ltd to a successful conclusion.


Our new address and contact details are as follows:-


Club Thundersport Ltd
Thundersport GB
Keepers Cottage
10, Hemington Lane
Nr.Castle Donington
DE74 2RJ

Telephone: 01509 678888

.............Fax: 01509 678887



(e-mails and mobile numbers are unchanged)




Our post WILL be redirected automatically to our new address, so please do not worry about anything that is currently en-route to us. However, in order to make things a little easier during the transitional period, we have now made the 2014 Thundersport GB Registration Form, 11th February Test Day Entry Form (105DBa) and 23rd February Test Day Entry Form (98DBa) available as "pdf" and "word" downloads on both http://thundersportgb.com/index.php/downloads and http://apriliachallenge.net/downloads so that you can fill them in on screen and e-mail them to us if that is preferable for you. These forms now have the new address on them, but forms already received are still perfectly OK.

The seasons Entry Forms and Test Day Forms will also be available in both formats from next Wednesday and hard copies will be sent out to all registered riders by 2nd February. Bookings for the two pre-season dates have been very busy and confirmation of places will be sent via e-mail the week before each of these events.

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