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Red (Rain) Lights for Solos (The Actual Requirement)

There appears to be a lot of inaccurate information and speculation about the new ACU ruling regarding rear rain lights for solo machines competing in UK short circuit racing.

In order to help clear up any confusion or misunderstanding, We have prepared a simple guide to the ACTUAL REQUIREMENT.

You do NOT need a handlebar mounted switch.
You do NOT need to be able to switch the light on whilst seated on the motorcycle.
You will NEVER be required to switch the light on whilst riding the motorcycle.
The light needs to be solid red, not pulsing or flashing.
The regulation does not apply to Classic or Vintage machines that are competing in CRMC or VMCC events, but DOES apply to those machines if they wish to take part in modern or mixed classic/modern races.

ALL machines at Thundersport GB must have a light fitted that complies with the regulation.
You CANNOT elect to ignore the regulation on the grounds that you will not participate in Wet Races - the light MUST be fitted, working and ready to use throughout the event.

Liam Hellewell has made a nice job...

There are dozens of sub-£20 lights that can be ordered for next day delivery - just Google it and you'll find hundreds of options.
There are also many small businesses that are selling kits that feature a handlebar mounted switch. You may of course use one of these kits (some of them are very nicely made - others less so) but do not allow anyone to tell you that a handlebar mounted switch is a requirement - because it is not.

Some of the above differs from the official ACU text, as it did not appear to be helpful or add any clarity. If you want to read the original text though, just click here:-


But if you follow the instructions in the leaflet below, you will not have any issues at all.

If you are still confused we are here to help, just pick up the phone or drop us an email and we will do our best to help you (our contact details can be found here at thundersportgb.com )


Dave Stewart - Race Director ThundersportGB


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